Part of a new line of British-inspired bars,
Chocolate Tiffin wins a sofi™ in 2013

New York City – The Sticky Toffee Pudding Company picked up its 4th sofi™ award in 7 years, last night at the Summer Fancy Foods show. Competing in the “Outstanding Confection” category, the award went to the company’s “Chocolate Tiffin” dessert bar, part of a new product line launching this summer.

“I’m delighted,” said Tracy Claros, founder of the Sticky Toffee Pudding Co. “The next step is to work with supermarkets and distributors to get these bars into the hands of our customers.”

Tiffin is a chocolaty bar with crunchy biscuits, roasted almonds, chewy raisins and glace cherries. Claros spent two years developing the recipes, researching the production techniques, and sourcing the ingredients.

“Getting these bars to market has been a real battle with the intricate British recipes and custom made ingredients, but it’s all worth it,” said Claros. “The Chocolate Tiffin, along with the Toffee Flapjack and Millionaires Shortbread will occupy a unique place in the market.”

Crafted as a British-inspired indulgence, yet with portion control emphasized, the sticky dessert bars enable enjoyment without guilt. Considerable handwork is required to guarantee success in the small batch production. Attention to detail ensures pure flavors that are sweet and salty, and complex textures that are crunchy and chewy.

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